The USB stick contains two drives. The first one appears as a cd-rom drive and is called ‘Tyre Pro’. The second one appears as a USB drive and is called ‘Tyre Data’ or does not have a name (yet).
Follow these steps:
1. Open the second drive (‘Tyre Data’ or nameless) an remove the content of the USB drive.
2. If you have installed Tyre on your computer already, remove it using this procedure:
3. Reset your Internet Explorer using this procedure:
4. Disable your virus scanner and your firewall temporarily.
5. Open the first drive (‘Tyre Pro’) and re-start the installation by double clicking on ‘Run’.

If this does not solve your problem, do the following:
1. Make sure that the second drive (‘Tyre Data’ or nameless) is empty.
2. Download this file:
3. Unzip the file to the second drive, including all folders.
4. The main menu can be opened using ‘Run’, which is available from both drives.