New major update Tyre route software available, go to Help > Check for Updates

Version 6.42 (build 2):

Right after launching 6.42.1, we discovered a small bug in adding sounds to a trip. The bug is fixed, and here is 6.42.2!

Version 6.42 (build 1):
As a result of all new and improved functions, we have updated the release number.

Routes were not always copied properly to newer Garmin devices (Zümo 340, 350, 390, 590), due to internal device settings.
In this new version Tyre will recognize those newer devices, even with different internal device settings, and it will copy the route in a way that suits the needs of the device.The image of the ‘Copy to device’ button will change, when Tyre is in Garmin mode.In addition, there is a new option that enables you to copy (or not) the tracks to your device.
When in Garmin mode, right click the ‘Copy to device’ button: you will be offered to select or unselect the option to copy the track to your device as well.
This option only affects files that are copied to your device. It will not affect files that you save onto your computer.
This option works depends from the similar option, that exists for years and which is available from the ‘Preferences’ window: if that older option is disabled, you will not be able to select or unselect the new option.With the new Google Maps, there are some new formats. We have adapted Tyre to accept those new formats.
Maybe we did not find them all. Please report omissions that you encounter.For Garmin users: the track will be saved inside the GPX file with an additional ‘-T’.
That makes it easier to distinct between the route and the track on the device.There has been a change for the BMW file format (*.tar.gz). We have adapted Tyre to accept the new format.We have improved the clearness of some on screen messages, in cases where the activation is not successful.